School Counselor

Lakisha Barnum



About Me:


My name is Lakisha Barnum and I am a PreK-5th grade School Counselor. I attended Albany State University and received a Masters of Education in School Counseling. I have previously taught special education in an adaptive setting, which included children with autism. I just love working with children. "The world is a rainbow filled with lots of different people." Within that rainbow, I have two bright and beautiful children. Counseling has to be within you!

I grew up in Albany, GA and attended Dougherty County and Worth County Schools. This is the origin of where my educational and motivational journey began. The love and support of my past teachers and School Counselors made me want to strive for success.

I am really enjoying my role in encouraging all the children to strive for their personal best. I am excited to be working with the students, teachers, administrators, and parents . As a team will can build our students' futures.

My Role as a School Counselor

School counselors support and advocate for all students in their academic, career, and personal/social development through:

classroom guidance lessons

small group counseling sessions

facilitated peer support groups

brief individual counseling

consultation with parents/family members and teachers

collaboration with other community resources

What is a School Counselor?

Upcoming Lessons

1st Grade: Introduction of the School Counselor

2nd Grade: Introduction of the School Counselor

3rd Grade: Introduction of the School Counselor

4th Grade: Introduction of the School Counselor

5th Grade: Introduction of the School Counselor

Classroom Guidance

Classroom guidance lessons focus on providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to academic success, career readiness, personal/social development and social and emotional literacy. Individual and group counseling sessions support students dealing with issues such as divorce and other family changes, death of a loved one, emotional self-regulation, and difficulties with peers, among other topics. Counselors also collaborate with their colleagues in whole-school initiatives to create and maintain a caring climate and atmosphere at school.

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