Visitor's Guidelines for Lunch

If you plan or would like to have lunch with your child, please help us minimize disruptions and maintain our daily schedule by following these guidelines.  Visitors will be allowed beginning Monday, August 22nd.

  • All visitors MUST check in to the office using their photo ID.

  • Visitor badge should be worn and visible at all times.

  • Lunch can be purchased for $3.75.   We do not have change, so please have exact change.  

  • Sit at the designated parent table.

  • Only sit with your child. (No guests from within the lunchroom.)

  • Please refrain from taking photographs as we have some students who can not be photographed. 

  • Students will enter the lunchroom with their class and must leave with their class.

  • Please do not follow the student to their classroom or to other places in the school .  

Per LCS School Handbook:  In order to encourage better nutrition and develop healthy eating habits, students and/or their parents are urged not to bring foods to school from outside restaurants.  However, if a meal is brought to school from a restaurant, it is requested that the outside meal be placed in a sack or container that does not identify the restaurant.  

Lunch Schedule

Pre K:  12:00pm-12:30pm

Kindergarten:  11:15am-11:45am

1st Grade:  10:45am-11:15am

2nd Grade:  12:15pm-12:45pm

3rd Grade:  11:45am-12:15pm

4th Grade:  11:30am-12:00pm

5th Grade:  11:00am-11:30am